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Hello &
Thank You for buying my music. 

I just wanted to share a few tips to help you when buying a few tracks or a whole album.

Some Helpful Tips

 1.Downloading  Album  click on the "Album £" and follow directions
 2.Downloading  tracks  - click button next to  track then follow directions.  
 3. Enter an email  where download link will be sent.
 4. You will then be redirected to PayPal.
 5. Once payment is complete  will redirect to download page
 6.  Enjoy your track choose a Download format  mp3 or Flac
 7.  FLAC files are larger than MP3    FLAC not supported on iTunes
 8. You need WAV  or MP3 tracks to use on  iTunes   
 9. Album Downloads will be saved to iphone/ ipad /desktop as a zip file
Downloads will be sent to your desktop/iPhone/iPad as a zip file and a link sent to the  email  entered on 3 above . Generally downloads go to my files  > audio on iPads/ iPhones 


a)  Click twice on the zip file  - tracks will show  play these individually
b)  Right Click ...
 - Menu will appear
 - Choose - open with > Media player
 - No media player choose other app or install  media player.

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